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Summer Atlantic Capital USA is the exclusive point of contact for companies outside China that are pursuing expansion into Chinese markets. On behalf of Summer Atlantic Capital Ltd., we provide a variety of vital services that help innovative companies with novel technologies navigate the cultural, political and practical challenges of expanding into China, including analysis, negotiation, investment, capital raising, marketing and more. Our multi-path approach to entering China, along with our role as a source of non-US investment capital and our access to China-based technologies looking to expand into the US, our suite of specialized services have provided record-breaking growth to numerous enterprises all over the world.

New York City

From 2010 to 2019, China's GDP grew from $6.08 Trillion to $14.34 Trillion, more than a 235% increase over 10 years.

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The Opportunity

As the world’s second-largest investor in R&D, China has quickly become the most sought-after international market for a wide range of sectors, including IT, artificial intelligence, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare and more. Innovative companies throughout the world are searching for the partners and tools they need to make their expansion into China a reality, and Summer Atlantic Capital USA is here to help them make it happen.

With our extensive international network of partners, we analyze your company’s potential and work with you to develop a proven go-to-market strategy that is both remarkably fast and highly flexible. Depending on your company’s industry and technologies, we offer multiple paths to China expansion, and we specialize in finding the customized approach that serves you best. Whether through joint venture, licensing or other structures, we bring a comprehensive approach to laying the groundwork for your expansion, addressing every aspect of the process — from legal and regulatory concerns to investment, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and more. And with our privileged access to cutting-edge Chinese technologies looking to expand into the US, our services operate at far more than just a one-directional level.

With a variety of capital raising and investment options, including both institutional investors and our own investment fund, we help ensure that you have the resources required to fulfill your expansion goals. As a coveted introductory resource for those looking for alternative international capital to fund their growth, our world-class rolodex has led to great success finding non-US investment capital for a variety of clients in a wide spectrum of industries. And with our communicative, highly transparent approach, you have a partner who is as dedicated to finding investment as you are.

Additionally, our assistance continues far beyond the establishment and execution of your expansion. Our network of partners provides regular feedback, keeping us up-to-date on the latest progress, allowing us to give you the consistent support you need to maintain strong growth for years to come.



  • World-class market research & analysis

  • Legal and regulatory management

  • Robust capital raising & investment options

  • State-of-the-art manufacturers

  • Vast distribution networks

  • Exceptional marketing solutions



Innovative companies across the world are eager to explore expansion opportunities into China for a variety of attractive reasons — not least of which are lower manufacturing and distribution costs, and the ability to reach hundreds of millions of new customers. 

As the US branch of Summer Atlantic Capital Ltd., we are uniquely positioned to provide the relationships, tools and expertise you need to make your expansion a reality.

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Summer Atlantic Capital US is the exclusive marketing arm of Summer Atlantic Capital China and Summer Atlantic Capital Hong Kong.


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